Currently a full professor at Université Laval, Nicolas Boissonnade works in the field of structures and is a specialist in metallic and composite structures, more specifically in the stability and resistance aspects of sections, elements and structures.

His research focuses on the design, performance, resistance and sizing of metallic and composite structures. Particularly, he is a recognized expert in the field of stability of metallic structures, field in which he has co-authored several reference works, such as the European recommendations for the design of compressed and bent elements. He is also developing an original and alternative approach for the design of structural sections and elements: the Overall Interaction Concept (O.I.C.). Mr. Boissonnade maintains international scientific and academic relationships with more than 25 different research teams. This includes research projects, joint scientific developments, publications, invited presentations, co-supervision of PhD students, student exchanges, etc. At the same time, he actively participates in numerous scientific, technical and standardization committees in Canada and internationally.

In 2023, Mr. Bissonnade will collaborate with Mr. Houshang Alamdari in the organization of the International Aluminium Conference (INALCO). Some 300 scientists will gather at the Québec City Convention Centre for this event.