Houshang Alamdari is currently the director of REGAL, the Aluminium Research Centre. He is also professor at the Department of Mineral, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering at Université Laval. He pursued his research activities at Hydro-Québec research institute on synthesis of nanocrystalline materials for hydrogen storage. He held the process director position at Nanox Inc. (Canada) and was involved in development and scale up of a production process for nanostructured perovskite-type materials for automotive catalysts. His research activities are focused on energy efficiency and environmental footprint of aluminum and zinc production processes.

In 2023, Mr. Alamdari will be responsible for the International Conference on Aluminium (INALCO) with his colleague Nicolas Boissonnade. Some 300 scientists will gather at the Québec City Convention Centre for this event.