Sylvain Moineau’s main research objective is to study the biology of bacteriophages. His research team is working on ways to use phages as antibacterial agents in various industrial sectors. He has also discovered and characterized various mechanisms used by bacteria to resist phage infections, including the CRISPR-CAS system. His work was fundamental to a discovery that revolutionized the field of genomics. Since 2003 Professor Moineau has also served as curator of the Félix d’Hérelle Reference Center for Bacterial Viruses, the largest collection of reference phages in the world.

Our Ambassador of the Year has earned numerous distinctions in recent years, including the Marie-Victorin Award, and was named Officer of the Order of Canada and Officer of the Order of Québec. He is on the list of the world’s most cited scientists.

On top of his scientific duties, Dr. Moineau also organized the 13th CRISPR conference in June 2019, marking the first time the conference was held in Canada.