Peter Vanrolleghem was Ambassador of the Year in 2014. He is a professor with Université Laval’s Department of Civil and Water Engineering and has held the Canada Research Chair in Water Quality Modelling since 2006. The focus of his research team—ModelEAU—is on water modelling on varying scales.

He has published more than 375 articles in international peer-reviewed journals and holds key positions with the International Water Association (board member), the Water Environment Federation, Modelling Expert Group of the Americas (chair), and Réseau Environnement. He is vice president for Eastern Canada of the Canadian Association on Water Quality.

His organizational activities in the Québec City area have in recent years included the following:
• The 12th IWA International Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation in 2017
• The 10th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling in 2015
• The 14th International Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Eutrophication in 2010
• IWA/WEF Wastewater Treatment Modelling Seminars in 2008, 2010, and 2012

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