Nicolas Turgeon is director of Industrial Efficiency and Environment at CRIQ and an authority on air emission control and climate change. His main technical and scientific development work for CRIQ is in the area of air quality and climate change: industrial air emissions control, environmental biotechnology adaptation and development, and carbon markets. Nicolas is also president of APCAS (an association for the prevention of air and soil contamination), a member of Réseau Environnement’s air and climate change committee, and a member of Québec City’s Ambassadors’ Club. He is also a prolific lecturer and has published some 30 scientific papers.

As a member of the Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) of the United States, Nicolas spearheaded a campaign to bring A&WMA’s 2019 annual conference to Québec City. The 112th annual ACE brought 1100 air pollution experts and researchers at this important gathering and generated $2.3 M in economic benefits.