Louis-Philippe Boulet was Ambassador of the Year in 2017. Dr. Boulet is a respirologist at the Québec City Heart and Lung Institute and a professor of medicine at Université Laval, where he holds the Research Chair in Knowledge Transfer, Education and Prevention in Respiratory and Cardiovascular Health. He chairs the Canadian Thoracic Society’s Respiratory Health Guidelines Committee and in 2000–2001 chaired the Thoracic Society. In addition to his clinical and teaching duties, Dr. Boulet sits on numerous national and international scientific committees and directs a respiratory disease research program looking at how asthma develops and how to treat it, as well as respiratory allergies, respiratory health in athletes, and knowledge transfer.

He has published close to 500 scientific manuscripts, mainly based on his own research, along with 24 book chapters and six other books on respiratory health. He is the associate editor of Canadian Respiratory Journal and is widely sought after as a reviewer by other medical journals.

Dr. Boulet gives numerous talks every year at national and international gatherings. He has been an organizer for many conferences, congresses, and symposiums around the world, including the 2017 second biennial of L’Espace francophone de pneumologie (800 attendees), the 2012 World Asthma Conference (1,000 attendees) and the Québec–France Respiratory Health Symposium in 2008 (600 attendees).

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