Convention 12/07/18

Discover Normand Voyer and his experience as an event ambassador

Discover Normand Voyer, the Professor at Université Laval who brought ISMSC 2018 to Québec City, and his experience as an event ambassador. Read more

Convention News 21/06/18

Ambassadors’ Club members spread the word about Québec City !

Members of the Ambassadors’ Club will travel abroad this summer to promote the conferences they are bringing to Québec City in the next few...

News 20/06/18

Ambassadors bring thousands to Québec City Convention Centre

The Québec City Convention Centre just posted impressive results for 2017–2018, with 170 events hosted, including 56 conferences, 18 of them international. Research professors...

Convention 18/06/18

International Math Conference on be held in Québec City

Hundreds of mathematicians and researchers in number theory will be attending the 15th Canadian Number Theory Association Conference! READ MORE    

Ambassador Profile 15/06/18

Over $15,000 in grants for three Université Laval research professors

Three research professors at Université Laval’s Faculty of Science and Engineering—all members of the Ambassadors Club—received a total of $15,719 in grants in support...

Ambassador Profile 5/06/18

How to prepare a winning event bid

Ever wonder what a winning event bid includes and how it can influence decision makers to hold an event in your city? Discover 4...


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